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Streamline your project handoffs with seamless data integration.
Create a solid foundation for project estimates, budgets, planning and scheduling.
Simplify project handoff from estimators to project managers and field teams.
Consolidate project information on a single, easy-to-access online platform.
Eliminate historical lag time with electronic data transfers that take just seconds.
Do away with disconnected applications, multiple logins and information silos.
Create a single, reliable source of truth for every phase of the project lifecycle.

One Click Integration

When your estimators and project teams are on the same page, every job runs better. That’s why ProEst is designed to work seamlessly with Procore, facilitating collaboration among stakeholders and making the hand-off process fast and hassle-free. With just one click, data created in ProEst is transferred into Procore’s budget tool, all organized by cost code and cost type. That means your project team can work more efficiently, without the need to re-enter information—and can be sure that migrated data is complete, up-to-date and error-free.

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What can ProEst + Procore integration do for you?

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“We were spending way too much time getting the project team up to speed once a job was awarded. Now that ProEst and Procore are connected, they’re already in the loop.”
Ricardo F.
Operations Manager

How does ProEst + Procore integration work in the real world?

Read our Integration Client Success Story to find out. It’s a quick look at how Ohio-based Oswald Company used ProEst and Procore together to eliminate time-consuming data re-entry and accelerate workflows.
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Gain new levels of financial accuracy,
visibility & control

ProEst is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading online construction-specific accounting software—the best way to track and manage financial details from initial estimate to final close out. With ProEst, estimating data transfers to your accounting system automatically once the project is awarded, eliminating the need to re-enter project data and reducing the potential for errors.
Accounting Software

Ready to see why so many contractors use ProEst & Procore together?

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