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Keep track of every vital detail, no matter where work takes you.
Easily manage accounting, equipment and materials management, HR and payroll, inventory and more.
Access project information anytime, from anywhere, on a single, easy-to-access online platform.
Meet deadlines, reduce risks and minimize delays and protect the bottom line with end-to-end project oversight.
Dive into detailed data when and where you need to, with no complex menus to master or memorize.

One Click Integration

Even the simplest construction jobs have a lot of moving parts, and too often, details can slip through the cracks. That’s why ProEst and Spectrum work together to give you a “big picture” view of your construction jobs, from initial budget through to completion. Using ProEst and Spectrum together help ensure that people, projects and processes are connected in a way that supports shared decision-making and collaboration in real time, the key to completing jobs faster and controlling project costs.

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“Using ProEst and Spectrum together is helping us win more jobs. Even better, they’re more profitable.”
Kelly B.
VP Development

Gain new levels of financial accuracy,
visibility & control

ProEst is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading online construction-specific accounting software—the best way to track and manage financial details from initial estimate to final close out. With ProEst, estimating data transfers to your accounting system automatically once the project is awarded, eliminating the need to re-enter project data and reducing the potential for errors.
Accounting Software

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